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Braintree drop-in screenshots

Card & PayPal payments made slick and secure

Our Braintree drop-in extension smoothly slots into most Magento checkout pages.

Scrolling down you'll find just a few examples. More examples, including responsive ones, from, Magestore, IWD, TemplatesMaster, FME, GoMage, Iksanika, can be found here.

Braintree drop-in features all major credit cards and it has the beautiful PayPal popup mini-form too, so that buyers don't leave your site to complete their purchase.

Braintree dropped into Fire Checkout (TemplatesMaster)

Shown with the PayPal mini-form popped up as a modal after the PayPal button was clicked on the Braintree drop-in


Braintree with FireCheckout


Braintree dropped into One Page checkout (IWD)

Braintree with One Page Checkout by IWD


You get the idea: our Braintree slides perfectly into most checkout extensions. More screenshots, including responsive examples.

Braintree Hosted Fields screenshots

Style what you can't style in a secure environment

With our Braintree Hosted Fields extension you can perfectly match your existing Magento checkout pages without any compromises on out-of-the-box PCI compliance.

Braintree Hosted Fields slots in like a chameleon. It features all major credit cards and it has the handy PayPal popup mini-form too. So buyers don't leave your site to complete their purchase.

Braintree Hosted Fields with Fire Checkout (TemplatesMaster)

Spot the difference if you can! Fire Checkout UI style perfectly matched in the payment panel. All without coding!

Braintree Hosted Fields with FireCheckout


Braintree Hosted Fields with One Step Checkout (Magestore)

Another example of a seamlessly matched UI. All without coding. All fully PCI-compliant at the highest level. Out of the box.

Braintree Hosted Fields with One Step Checkout (Magestore)

Sales Maps screenshots

Where are my Sales hotspots?
World sales map with clustering and aggregated sales
  • The blue pins represent sales at individual addresses. Where there's more than one sale in a state or country this is represented by a circle. The two numbers in each circle represent the number of customers and the total sales volume in that state or country.
  • The circles are colour-coded by increasing sales volume: green (up to $1,000), yellow (up to $10,000), red (up to $100,000), pink (over $100,000). These ranges are configurable of course.
  • With the extension enabled, you can click on a circle and the map will zoom in. The screenshot below shows the map after the pink cluster over the USA was clicked. The pink sales cluster has exploded out into smaller clusters, revealing sales details at the state level.
Sales map of US with clustering and aggregated sales
  • From here on, you can drill down further into the cities, then suburbs.
  • Reversely, when zooming out, the map will accumulate sales up, from suburbs and cities, across states and countries to eventually arrive at the grand total sales per continent.

Product Page Social Buttons screenshots

Shoppers click and share, you get the return traffic.

Social Buttons appear automatically on every product page. When clicked the share dialog of the associated social network is automatically pre-populated with product title, price and image, as shown below.

Shown after Pinterest button was clicked

Product Page Social Share Buttons used with Pinterest


More screenshots in our Magento Connect image gallery.

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